The Crystal System T-Shirts

The Crystal System T-Shirts

Finally you can have something mineralogical to wear every single day of the week.

We have started production of a limited-edition range of T-shirts combining the seven crystal systems(*) with seven days of the week.

Each T-Shirt contains fabulous mineral photos, crystal diagrams, and explanations for the meanings of the day of the week.

First is the Hexagonal Wednesdays t-shirt. Because, as you all know, Wednesday is by far the most hexagonal day of the week.

This fine t-shirt can be yours for only $24 including shipping to almost anywhere in the world (if you get regular mail and you don't have penguins or polar bears outside, there's a good chance it's covered).

We will then start printing the additional t-shirts approximately one every two or three weeks, and they will be added to the system here as they are released.

Or, you can subscribe. Yes, a T-Shirt subscription service!

For $140 (including shipping) we send you the Hexagonal Wednesdays T-Shirt right now in the size of your choice, and we will send each additional T-shirt on the day they are released. Note, we do not wait and send them all as one package - each will be sent as soon as it's available individually wrapped to your door. Imagine the excitement as you await each of our T-Shirts. We can't guarantee they will arrive on the correct day for the T-shirt, so you may need to wait up to 6 days before you can wear it after arrival. Sorry.

Please note: If you want to subscribe and buy all 7 t-shirts but you want them in different sizes for some reason then this can be arranged. Please leave a note on your order.


XS 18 x 25 inch
S   19 x 26.25 inch
M   20 x 27.5 inch
L    21.5 x 29 inch
XL  23 x 31 inch
2XL 24.5 x32 inch

To convert inches into cm simply multiply by pi and divide by the square root of 1.52967



* We didn't do a crystal system for icosahedral because it's too weird. And those who regard Trigonal and Hexagonal as the same can buy the other six and find something else to wear on Thursdays.

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